How does the valve industry in China become a powerful one
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Valve enterprise lacks technological innovation capability now, which is impeding the development of our industry stumbling. At present, many domestic valve enterprises rarely make innovations after the introduction of advanced technology. China's valve industry design level now is not high. Although some domestic backbone enterprises have research conditions, most valve R & D centers are limited by personnel, facilities, lacking of investment and closed research and technical service capabilities. Mainly is based on business needs and according to the sales order to design and process plan, the function is also relatively simple.
Compared the domestic valve design level with developed countries, the processing technology is relatively backward. Many valve enterprises’ casting equipments and casting process are relatively poor. Cast steel, cast iron and other raw materials will be wasted a lot in the production process and environmental protection is poor too. A higher level of foreign technology companies are usually equipped with valves dedicated research and development center. In contrast, they have abundant funds, various research institutions and professional engineering staffs for the excellent technical support and these are often equipped with R & D centers, specialized laboratories and testing organizations and software for valve products is quite complete.
In terms of technical level, in the application of conventional valve design and materials, there is not much difference in the manufacturing process between foreign well-known enterprises and there is no unbridgeable gap. But where is the difference? However, the actual situation is different in a word serious. There is such a product, which was originally a German company patented valve products, there are several different companies production at the same time, one is a foreign company, one is a Taiwan-funded enterprises and a domestic companies. The product drawing is same but the produced valves are quite different. The former two companies’ products are better in quality and appearance than domestic company. It is puzzling: these companies are producing this product in China, and the rough castings are from domestic factories, but the results vary greatly.
China's valve enterprises engaged in infrastructure and want to expand the production scale. They ignore the new product development and investment and most products are imitation which lack of core competitiveness. There are still many defects in quality management. First, something is neglected more or less in the process. A lot of companies obviously have quality assurance system, but the actual work can be useless. They implement quality management by their own way; secondly, assembly process is sloppy. The paint is also a process which will be saved. The preceding operation does not do well, so the surface of the work piece is crude. Some paint a coating, covering the defect. The debug is not strict and some valves will run, emit, drip and drain when installed.
Gaps and problems are not terrible. As long as we adjust development ideas, enhance the confidence of development, strengthen enterprise management, promote technological progress, emphasis on technological innovation and research and development of core technologies, and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises. In the future, China's key valve enterprises will be able to catch up and surpass similar foreign companies and contribute to the state's major technical equipment being localization and occupy a certain market share in the world. Help the state to become the world's manufacturing powerhouse.
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