Standardization of products is the inexorable trend of valve industry
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With the industrial progress, petrochemical and other industrial demand for valves and other products are also presenting a professional, standardize, large-scale and complete sets while the energy requirements are also increasing. Valve will also ushered in new opportunities and turning. The market demands for electromechanical valves starts to increase and the market still has potential for development. But at the same time, requirements for product quality are higher. Valves enter into a period of innovation, not only the product category needs upgrading, but also the internal management needs to be deepen the reform based on industry standards. Although the long-term development of the valve industry is relatively stable, the industry still has nonstandard competition. For example, some of the operators through refurbishing the waste valve, afresh the SC then sale it again. This will bring serious security risks to engineering quality and serious disruption of the valve market order.
But it is believed that with the gradual development of the market and sound law, the future of the valve industry will face more benign competition environment. And as the industry requires more specialized products as well as whole society’s awareness of energy conservation is enhancing, the valve industry will develop in two directions, one is to a single species to multi-species and multi-standard, the second is to develop in the direction toward energy conservation.
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