Development analysis of Chinese valve industry: steady-state growth
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From 2012 to 2035, to meet the expected energy demand, the investment needed will reach 37 trillion dollars. The expected annual average investment accounts for 1.5% of the globe GDP. Structurally speaking, the investment in power sector will reach 17 trillion dollars. By region, over half of the energy investment demand is from developing countries.
China’s electricity consumption is just after the United States, as the world's second largest electricity consumer. The total electricity consumption in 2012 was 4.96 trillion kWh. The China’s economy level is increasing, as well as the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization will drive the increase in domestic electricity consumption levels. According to KPMG's forecast in 2010 for the next 20 years, China’s power sector will require an investment of up to $ 2.77 trillion, which equivalents to a quarter of the total investment of the global energy industry over the same period. The International Energy Agency predicts that from 2005 to 2030, China Power Investment will account for 23 % of the world.
According to the forecast of 51report: In the context of strengthening nuclear safety regulation in the future, the rapid development of China’s nuclear power industry and nuclear localization of the orientation of the device will not change, the domestic nuclear power valve demand will grow steadily.
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