Development characteristic of Chinese current situation of gas and pipeline valves
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With the high-speed development of economic, people need more energy. At the same time, people are concerning about the quality for life and environment. West- East natural gas transmission, the Sichuan to East gas transmission and introducing Russian gas shows that natural gas is becoming more and more important in our life. The success of West- East natural gas transmission improved the country’s construction level of pipeline and settles the base for nationwide natural gas pipeline network. Starting with the West- East natural gas transmission project, the country’s construction level of pipeline is getting close with international advanced level, long distance, large caliber, high pressure and supermatic network management. It will settle the firm material base for rapid expansion of natural gas industry.
It is said that West- East natural gas transmission project will be the opportunity of considering east-central-west regions, offshore and onshore natural gas resources. Implementing “going out” strategy and introducing foreign natural gas resources to perfect the development plan of natural gas pipeline network. Ultimately, achieve the goal that the resources are diversified, the supply is networked and the market is scale.
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